John Z. Kukral President & Chief Executive Officer
Michael Profenius Chief Operating Officer
Jacob Reingardt Chief Financial Officer
Jerome Anselme Senior Managing Director
Brady A. Thurman Senior Managing Director
Shiva Viswanathan Senior Managing Director
Erin Cannata Managing Director
Sonya Chandra Managing Director
Dave Copeland Managing Director
Aaron Weitzen Managing Director
Ajesh Jain Vice President
Sam Payette Vice President
Conrad Slater Vice President
James Seago Vice President
Ignasi Sola Vice President
Asset Management
James Geskey Managing Director
Olivier Marguin Managing Director
Christopher Caltabiano Senior Vice President
Sophie Kramer Senior Vice President
Brian Cleary Senior Vice President
Bryan Cordes Senior Vice President
Raphaëlle Mrejen Vice President
Latha Alle Vice President
Bobby Loesche Vice President
Troy Tettleton Vice President
Investor Relations
Jen Davis Managing Director
Matt Roberts Managing Director
Natalie Bonicelli Director of Fund Finance
Human Resources
Shane Brown Senior Vice President
Heather Pimm-Pauzer Senior Vice President
Nate Hagerman General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer
Information Technology
Richard Jones Chief Technology Officer
Operating Platforms
Javier Rosenberg President of Northwood Hospitality
Ward Kampf President Of Northwood Retail
David Ravin President Of Northwood Ravin
John Barton President of Northwood Office
Richard Pellatt Executive Director of Northwood Urban Logistics
Nick Turner Executive Director of Northwood Urban Logistics